Osaka, Japan

We flew out of Osaka, and spent only one day there, which we estimate was at least three days too short.  Of all of the big Japanese cities we visited, we’d probably choose this one to live in if the choice ever presented itself. It was a working town, but not as stressed out as … Continue reading »

Hiroshima, Miyajima, Japan

Hiroshima and the nearby island of Miyajima were near the end of our Japan itinerary. Actually, we’d almost canceled this part of the trip to spend more time on the main island of Honshu, but we’re so glad we didn’t; this ended up being an incredibly awesome part of our time in Japan. The first … Continue reading »

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto always seems to be the highlight of any Japan itinerary I’ve seen.  In light of the city’s popularity, we planned a full week there. Kyoto is famous for it’s gardens, traditions, shrines and temples, and most of the major attractions around the city that warranted a high place on the Japan itinerary had to … Continue reading »

Takayama, Japan

Takayama is AWESOME. Takayama ended up on our itinerary after I read a post on some random travel blog describing the small town as an “off the beaten track gem.”  It was a lucky find, as it was definitely an awesome part our trip; we actually changed our hotel reservation to stay longer. Where to … Continue reading »

Kanazawa, Japan

Suzuki. Kawasaki. Yamaha. When I first heard the word “Kanazawa,” it reminded me of a kind of motorcycle. Actually, it is one of Japan’s best-preserved cities of the Edo Period, which is the period in Japanese history between 1603 and 1868 when Japanese society was under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate (i.e. Shogun!) This period was … Continue reading »

Ghibli Museum, Japan

My Ghibli Museum Experience (Duke) Around 1985, I first saw an American dub of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicca, called “Warriors of the Wind.”  I was about 9 years old and on a strange sort of vacation to my grandmother’s house in Missouri.  We lived in Knoxville, Tennessee so it was a slow 14 hour drive across … Continue reading »

Tokyo, Japan

After nearly a month in Japan, we were very sorry to leave. It is a very easy place to be. In the interest of providing a broad overview, we’ve listed the experience highlights of each destination, along with a few random factoids regarding our impressions of the “Land of the Rising Sun.”   Stop 1:  … Continue reading »

Doi Inthanon, Thailand

Our property agent and dear friend Aek took us to the top of Doi Inthanon and to the nearby Waterfall. A lovely hike and beautiful view of the Prince and Princesses temple structures on a lower peak.

Tiger Kingdom, Mae Rim, Thailand

We took a ride north to the nearby Tiger Kingdom which had baby, adolescent, and adult tigers for us to experience up close and personal.

Zip Lining in Chiang Mai

Duke here.  I know the updates have not been frequent since we came to Chiang Mai.  The reason is we have been far too busy to engage in tourist activities.  Yes, I know, you might think that we would have all the time in the world without a 9-5 job, but reality is we are quite good at coming up with lots of work for ourselves and doing it.  It’s nice to have the freedom to work full time on projects that matter to us.

However, we know you want to see a little bit of the adventures available to the stray American who wanders this far…

I hope you enjoy the video.  Yes I know I am not in it, but, I choose to play the camera man for this.

As for personal experiences, I do love a good zip line, but when you’re doing over 20 landings, they begin to feel quite normal.  The company knew this so they spiced it up a lot.  The “drops” built in height until the big one at the end which was quite a rush.  I cannot remember the figure, but my mind remembers it as 200 feet or something.  Not sure.  They also had a lot of “rope challenge” type activities.  Various wobbly bridges, paths made out of tree stumps, cargo net climbs, and more.  A great way to get out into the jungle.

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