Borobodur, Java

Posted by on July 12, 2012

Java - Borobodur

A pre-dawn hike through a Javanese compound to see the sunrise over Borobodur. Mount Merapi provided a great backdrop.

3 Responses to Borobodur, Java

  1. Mom edythe

    beautiful, beautiful,beautiful!!!! not only the scenery but you and Mike. Is Mike signing his autograph? I LOVE the pic of you in the white long-sleeve shirt and black band around your hair. How do I get copies? Also the close-up of Mike with the water in the background. LOVE and MISS you both. Mom

  2. Pam

    Wow!! I also love the pic of you Loree (same as your mom) in the Mandala shirt w/the mountainous backdrop. The pic of the monument w/the 4 large bell shapes is awesome. Be safe and enjoy! Love, Pam

  3. janberry

    Hi Guys. these are suuuueeet! Temples, flaura, Remind me of Cambodia, tho our visit was brief. (Will you go there, too?) Love the goat! the frond weaving man. all.

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